Can I donate part of my revenues to charities?

Can I donate part of my revenues to charities?

Answer is Yes!
We are proud to announce our collaboration with Epic Foundation to help you amplify your music's social impact.

What is Epic Foundation?

Epic Foundation is a visionary philanthropic platform that works tirelessly to identify and support high-impact charitable organizations. With a focus on creating sustainable solutions, they curate a portfolio of initiatives that address two critical causes: supporting disadvantaged children and youth, and preserving our environment and combating climate change.

Why this partnership?

Through our partnership with Epic Foundation, we are committed to empowering artists to choose the causes closest to their hearts and channel a percentage of their NFT sales revenues to make a lasting impact. By integrating our innovative platform with Epic Foundation's proven expertise in philanthropy, we aim to create a global movement where music becomes a powerful catalyst for change.

How can I donate?

Step 1

As an artist, when you fill in the form to submit a track in the Toplist you can select the profiles you want to share your revenues with.

Step 2

In the "Credits and Revenue" section, select one or two of the Epic portfolios under the names of "Epic Environment Portfolio" and "Epic Social Portfolio". And determine the percentage you want to allocate to them.

Step 3

Once it's done, don't forget to click on "save" & "submit" at the bottom of the form in order to finalize the submission.

Want to know more about these portfolios?

If you want to get more information about each of the portfolios, you can look at their respective profiles on Pianity Epic Environment Portfolio and Epic Social Portfolio, where Epic members wrote, for example, the names of the organizations they are operating with. You can also look at Epic Foundation's website.

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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