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Clubs: the different channel types

You can now create 3 different types of channels in your club: Announcements, Public and Private. To create a new channel in your club, go to the “Chats” section of the mobile app and click on the “+” icon in the top right corner of your screen.

You’ll then be asked to give your channel a name and a description before selecting one of the 3 new channel types.

Announcement channels

Announcement channels are accessible to all of your followers, even if they don’t own one of your songs. These announcement channels are what we call “Read Only”, meaning that YOU, and only you can post messages. Your followers will be able to react to your messages with an emoji but cannot reply. As their name suggests, those channels are the perfect fit for announcements like an incoming drop, tour and so on.

Public channels

Public channels are also accessible to all of your followers, even if they don’t own one of your songs. These Public channels are fully interactive, meaning that you, and all of your followers can post messages as well as replying and reacting to them. Those channels are great to provide all of your fans with a community space as well as interacting with them.

Private channels

Private channels are only accessible to collectors matching one or more of the criteria you’ve selected. Currently, 4 restriction criteria are available: Owners of a specific song, Owners of a specific Scarcity, Owners of multiple NFTs, and Only artists.

Owners of a specific song

Restrict the access to your channel to owners of one of the songs you’ve released on Pianity. Only one of your songs can be selected.

Owners of a specific scarcity

Restrict the access to your channel to owners of a specific NFT scarcity (Unique, Legendary, Epic, Rare). Only one scarcity can be selected.

Owner of multiple NFTs

Restrict the access to your channel to collectors owning a specific amount of your NFTs. You can select one of the following 3 options: Owners of at least 2 NFTs, Owners of at least 5 NFTs, Owners of more than 5 NFTs

Only artists

Restrict the access to collectors with an Artist profile.

Note that you can combine those restrictions. For example, you could restrict the access to your channel to Artists that own a legendary edition of a specific song you’ve released.

Want to open your club?

Every artist with 100 collectors or more can open a Club. Reach out to us at

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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