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Earning $PIA Through Toplist Rewards

Earning $PIA Through Toplist Rewards: Boost Your Influence & Rewards

Get ready to turn up the volume on Pianity, and earn more $PIA tokens as you do so! Your role as a music enthusiast in our community goes beyond passive listening; you actively shape the sonic landscape of our platform. And for this, we believe you should be rewarded.

Twice every day, we distribute 100 $PIA tokens for each song that gets nominated by our vibrant community of music lovers. This reward is shared among the users who championed the song with their votes.

Your Share in the Spotlight: How It's Calculated

Your portion of the 100 $PIA pie depends on two factors: the number of votes you cast and the timing of your votes. The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, a bigger slice of the pie!

Here's an analogy: imagine a marathon where:
- 'b' is the miles already covered before you join,
- 'v' is the miles you run,
- 't' is the total miles everyone runs when the marathon ends (i.e., when the song gets nominated).

Starting your run (or casting your votes) earlier gives you a head start!

Mathematically, we translate this concept into the formula:

Example of Reward Distribution

Let's bring this concept to life with a concrete scenario. Three collectors—A, B, and C—champion a song by casting 400, 6000, and 3600 votes respectively. When the song gets nominated, their enthusiasm is rewarded with 20 $PIA, 60 $PIA, and 20 $PIA respectively. This illustrates how voting early can amplify your rewards, even if your total votes are fewer!

Ready, Set, Earn!

Pianity's Toplist Rewards system is your chance to let your voice be heard, and be compensated for it! Start casting your votes now, earn $PIA, and sway the musical tides of our platform.

Check out our article How to Vote for Songs on Pianity to dive right into the voting process.

Cheers to a harmonious journey of co-creating a vibrant musical world!

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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