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How do I get votes to use on the Toplist?

There are two ways to get votes and participate in the curation on the Toplist:

Refer your friends

Referring your friends to Pianity is the fastest way to acquire votes. Each person you refer to Pianity will automatically be granted 1000 votes, while you'll also get 1000 votes!

Start referring your friends now! or learn more about the referral program here

Own $PIA

Having locked $PIAs grants you votes (1 $PIA locked for 2 weeks equals 1 vote), and since the $PIA has not yet been listed on an exchange for trading, the only way to get some is to be active within our community:

Collect NFTs and earn Weekly rewards
Climb The Leaderboards and get rewarded

If you vote for songs that are later nominated, you'll also get rewarded in $PIA for your curator skills!

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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