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What are exclusive perks and how can I claim them?

NFTs on Pianity are not only limited edition musical assets but also serve as keys to access additional exclusive perks. It’s a way for you to get rewarded for your support and forge a unique bond with your favorite Artists!

How do I get access to the exclusive perks of a song?

For the exclusive perks to be accessible to you, you must first buy at least one edition of the scarcity to which the perks are attached.

How do I know if a song includes some exclusive perks?

You can identify songs that include exclusive perks thanks to the treasure icon on the top-right corner of the card.

Click on the treasure icon to have more information on what the Artist provides as exclusive perks for each scarcity.

How are the perks delivered to me?

Because the privacy and the security of our users are important to us, Pianity will never disclose your personal information (such as your email address) to the Artist.

The perks are automatically unlocked upon purchase and accessible on the pop-up opened by clicking on the treasure icon. Then simply click on the 'Access' button to display the perks. You can access it anytime as long as you still own an edition.

If I sell my limited edition, what happens to the exclusive perks?

If you decide to sell your edition on the secondary market, the new owner will have access to the exclusive perks. You must have at least one edition in your collection to keep access to the exclusive perks.

Unlike digital assets which are transferrable from one owner to the next, physical assets are not transferrable and can only be claimed by the very first owner.

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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