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What are the Leaderboards?

Engage and Earn with Pianity Leaderboards

Pianity Leaderboards dynamically highlight our most active users, and we believe in rewarding their contribution. The top three participants across the different categories receive $PIA tokens as a token of our appreciation.

The Leaderboards Decoded

Top Moderators

Praising vigilance, this leaderboard recognizes users who maintain the quality of our roster by reporting inappropriate songs. Earn 1 points for each valid report leading to a song's removal, but be aware that false reports subtract a point from your score. Get insights on effective moderation here.

Top Primary Collectors

Honoring avid collectors, this leaderboard ranks users by the number of unique, never-owned-before songs they purchase directly from artists (Primary Market) within a week.

Top Secondary Collectors

Appreciating the secondary market enthusiasts, this leaderboard ranks collectors by the number of pre-owned songs they buy from other users (Secondary Market) in a week. Explore the Secondary Market in detail here.

Rewards? Yes, Please!

We love to reward engagement. Each category's top 3 contributors earn $PIA rewards: 1600 $PIA for the lead, 800 $PIA for the runner-up, and 400 $PIA for the third place.

Tracking Time on Leaderboards

Our leaderboards refresh weekly. The tracking week starts Monday and concludes Sunday at 11:59 pm UTC. As the new week dawns, rewards find their way promptly to the winners' wallets.

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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