What is the difference between artist and label accounts?

An artist account allows you to publish tracks on the market. You can manage your releases by yourself, choosing the price, scarcity and release date you like!
As an artist, you have access to your personalized Dashboard, where you will find:
Draft system: your track uploads are kept here, ensuring every banger is safely saved and ready to be published when you are
Overview of your releases: your dashboard allows you to have visibility over all your past & future releases, and their current state (draft, scheduled, minted...)

A label account allows you to manage different artist's releases. You can add artists to your label by inviting them with their email address.
To get a label account you need to :
Have a real label
Fill up the form on Pianity's homepage
Sign a contract with Pianity

Once you have a label account, you will also have access to a Dashboard, this time tailored for label management, allowing you to:
Manage your artist roster: add artists to your label
Manage your artists' releases: create, schedule and release tracks with your label's artists

Updated on: 13/02/2024

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