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What’s a Bounty and how can I claim them?

A Bounty is a free-to-claim NFT distributed by an Artist. It gives everyone an opportunity to step into the NFT world at no costs, by owning a unique digital collectible.

There are 2 kinds of Bounties on Pianity:

Public Bounties
Public Bounties can be claimed by anyone visiting Pianity through the market or the song's page.
You can only claim 1 Public Bounty per day.

Private Bounties
Private Bounties can only be claimed through a secret link. This link is handed out by the artist however they see fit.
You can find on the Bounty song's page instructions from the artist on how to acquire this secret link..

How do I claim a Bounty?

If the Bounty is private, simply follow the secret link.

If the Bounty is public, on its song page you can find the Bounty scarcity thanks to the "Free" tag when choosing a scarcity on the Quick Buy module as displayed below.

You can also claim Bounties directly from the Market by clicking the claim button displayed below.

How can I find Bounties on the Market?

Only public Bounties are displayed on the marketplace. There is a Bounty filter (in the Sales Type filter) which allows you to filter Bounties.

I’ve found a bounty but couldn’t claim it, why?

Bounties are available on a ‘First come, first serve’ basis. You are also limited to one Public Bounty claim per day.

If you can't claim a Bounty, it's because you aren't eligible to claim it, haven't completed the requirements set up by the artist, or because it’s sold out.

When can I claim a second Public Bounty?

You can claim 1 Public Bounty per day. This limit is reset every day at midnight UTC.

Can I re-sell my Bounty?

Like any other limited edition on Pianity, you can re-sell any Bounty you own on the secondary marketplace.

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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