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How do I earn and use $PIA tokens?

$PIA tokens can be earned through active participation in the platform, such as collecting digital assets, contributing to leaderboards, and voting for songs on the Toplist. [Link to a guide about using $PIA tokens]

How do I earn and use $PIA tokens?

$PIA tokens, Pianity's proprietary tokens, are central to our decentralized, community-driven music ecosystem. You earn $PIA through active participation on our platform.

Earning $PIA:
- Collecting Digital Assets: Purchase digital assets in our marketplace to start building your collection and earning $PIA.
- Contributing to Leaderboards: Participate actively in the community by voting for songs, reporting inappropriate content, and purchasing songs to climb up the leaderboard and earn $PIA.
- Voting on Toplist: Use your votes to support your favorite songs on the Toplist. When a song you've voted for gets minted as a digital asset, you earn $PIA.

Using $PIA:
Currently, your $PIA tokens grant you more voting rights on the Toplist. Exciting utilities planned for the future

Stay active, contribute positively, and watch your $PIA balance grow!

Updated on: 28/06/2023

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