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Getting started as an Artist

Embrace the Future of Music: Join Pianity as a Musical Artist

Why Engage with CryptoMusic as an Artist?

CryptoMusic, particularly through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), presents a unique opportunity for artists:

- Independence and Innovation: CryptoMusic allows you to tap into an entirely new artistic medium and liberate your creativity from traditional constraints. You have full control over your work and how it's shared with your audience.

- Engage Your Fanbase: Fans can now become part of your creative journey in a more meaningful way. Through owning a unique item — your music NFT — they forge a deeper connection with you and your music.

- Fair Earnings: NFTs ensure artists capture the majority of the value generated by their work. You receive a significant percentage of sales from both the primary and secondary market.

On Pianity, Artists receive 80% of the total revenue generated on the primary market and 8% on the secondary market.

How to Join Pianity?

Pianity operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) - a groundbreaking way of organizing and distributing ownership. The community votes on which artists and tracks will be minted and sold as NFTs on the marketplace.

The more unique and creative your work, the higher the likelihood it will resonate with the community. Every day, two tracks from the Toplist are selected for NFT release.

Click here to register.

What Should I Submit to Pianity?

With NFTs, the possibilities are endless. Pianity encourages you to think beyond traditional music distribution. You can submit:

An exclusive track that will only be available on Pianity.
A "premiere" of your song/album before its release on other platforms.
One of your past tracks that resonated well with your audience.

The key is to stay true to your style while also meeting your community's expectations. Remember, to mint an NFT, you must have the consent of all rights holders.

What are the Costs?

Pianity eliminates the usual costs (Gas fees) associated with the creation and distribution of your CryptoMusic. You can focus purely on your creative process.

How Do I Get Paid?

The moment an item of yours is sold, be it on the primary or secondary market, all revenues are automatically credited to your Pianity wallet. You can then choose to use your balance to purchase new NFTs or withdraw it to your bank account.

How Do I Withdraw Money?

Withdrawals are easy. Click on the "Withdraw" button in your wallet, and we process all withdrawal requests on a weekly basis.

Purchasing an NFT on Pianity grants the buyer a unique version of the track that exists on the blockchain. However, they do not own the song itself and cannot use it for commercial purposes. As an artist, you retain your copyright, ensuring your work is protected.

Updated on: 28/06/2023

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