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Tips for artist success on Pianity

For most crypto project, community is a vital thing. Dropping crypto music on Pianity is no exception. Your primary community is the people who will support you, spread the word about you and invest in you by buying your NFTs.

You can think of Pianity as Kickstarter or eBay: the more your community is engaged, the more traffic your NFT page gets, the more bids there will be.

Your goal is therefore to get people to click on the link to the NFT. We noticed artists achieving the best sales on Pianity are also the ones promoting actively before, during and at the end of the auction/event.

Describe what crypto art is, and why you’re excited about it

Remember, this space is still in its early days. Many people can be unsure of how to participate, so it’s good to over-communicate what exactly is going on, why it’s awesome (for you and the music industry in general) and how people can participate.

Before his NFT drop on Pianity, Sahalé educated his fan base on NFTs

Share more than just music

Remember people like a good story and posts should include context to each specific piece or series. What is its story? Why is it unique and valuable? What does it mean to you?

Sharing the creative process, showing how your work is put together, what inspires you is something that also sparks great interest.

What’s the best way to do this? Through time-lapses, sharing fragments of a piece and previews of details. Images of artists working in their studios also generate a lot of buzz, as does an artist sharing music NFTs by other artists that they admire.


Only being able to insert links if you have more than 10 thousand followers on Instagram is a real issue for those using it to sell their work. Sales depend on the links to the next auctions being widely shared and people being directed straight to the gallery–using “link in bio” just isn’t effective enough. As Twitter allows users to share links, it has become the go-to platform for spreading the word about crypto art sales.

While, previously, the arty world didn’t consider Twitter to be a very visual platform, many have since discovered that it can provide an even better way to exhibit work than Instagram.

Another possibility that Twitter offers is feedback: sharing and retweeting the work of other artists helps to create a community and network.


When it comes to trying to sell your work, all social media platforms play their part. While Twitter is the best platform for sharing links, most artists agree that if you already have a following on Instagram, no matter how modest it may be, don’t neglect it.

Use Hashtags correctly

In a universe with millions of conversations and images occurring at the same time, the best way to build circles is to follow the right hashtags. This will increase your chances of becoming part of a scene and being seen by collectors and other artists.

The most used hashtags are:

#nft #nfts #nftcollector #nftcommunity #cryptoart #cryptoartist #musicnft #digitalart

These tags work for both Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t forget to tag:

@Pianity in all your posts. We’ll retweet/share as much as we can.
@ArweaveTeam in your twitter posts. Arweave is the blockchain that Pianity is running on. It’s specialized in data capacity storage and 100X less energy consuming than any other. The Arweave community is very engaged with Pianity.


When it comes to NFT music, remember you are offering unique collectibles!

Uploading the regular track to soundcloud will not decrease the value of your NFT on Pianity, but only give it more exposure.

However, sharing the music on Soundcloud is not enough for people to easily engage with the NFT sale : Creating a CAT button with a link to the Pianity auction page has proved its efficiency in the past.


Discord is a social platform designed to allow users to create chat rooms for different purposes. It is known as the Slack for gamers and now also for crypto artists. In addition to chatting, Discord offers more professional features such as sharing and storing material and documents. Pianity has his own discord server and artists are free to promote their drops.

Join the Pianity 💎 Discord Server!


Reddit is a content aggregator whose community has voting powers. If a post receives a lot of votes, it goes up in the Reddit rankings, and, consequently, more people can see it. If it receives downvotes, its visibility is reduced.

Reddit has nearly 8 millions users. There you can showcase your piece in artist community threads.

One subreddit (r/MusicNFT) is dedicated to music NFT and offers the possibility to promote your own.


Medium is an open publishing platform launched in 2012 that has a large crypto community. Medium posts usually do well in the NFT space.

Writing a Medium post about your experiment, excitement, motivation etc.. is a good way to give more exposure to your work within the crypto sphere and attract NFT collectors around the world.

Traditional & Online Press

Try to talk to the press. Crypto artists have greatly succeeded in getting interviews thanks to the general hype around NFTs.


Post often on social media to maximize reach. Promote & tease what you’re doing before the art is available, and repeatedly once it’s on Pianity. Remember, these pieces are scarce crypto assets, and you want to create FOMO and excitement each time you drop a new musical piece.

Non Fungible Tokens are on the verge of changing the whole music industry. Therefore, if you have chosen such a path for yourself in the early days, let as many people as possible know about it!

We’ll help share and promote your work as much as we can, but the most impactful communication happens between the creators and their fans.

Post often and on as many social media to maximize reach. Promote & tease what you’re doing before the art is available, and repeatedly once it’s on Pianity.
Describe what NFT music is, and why you’re excited about it.
Be active on tweets/instagram posts and give context to each specific piece or album. What does this specific musical piece represent for you? Why is it unique and valuable? What is the reason behind your choice of releasing it as an NFT?
Tag/mention Pianity in all of your posts. We’ll retweet/share as much as we can.
Promote the NFT on Soundcloud, Discord, Reddit and try and catch the press

Remember, the NFT space is still in its early days! In order for your fans to better understand CryptoMusic, feel free to use these few lines in your communication:

"NFTs introduce a new possibility for artists by enabling everyone to truly own digital assets"
"With a piece of CryptoMusic, everyone can listen to it, but only one person can own it"
“With Pianity, my music has been transformed in a crypto-asset, you can buy and resell it the same way you'd with a bitcoin"

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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