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Release Types

When submitting a song, you'll have to choose a release type. There are a few options to choose from, such as Fixed Price / Auction, Bounty (Public), and Bounty (Private). This section allows you to select the release type that best suits your needs.

To assist you in that choice, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions for each type of release. This will provide you with additional information to help you make an informed decision.

Fixed price/ Auction

This release type allows you to distribute paid NFTs of your song, with flexibility to select the scarcity and individual prices for each NFT. With this release type, you can set up more than one scarcity for the same song. Note that auctions are also available, but only for the Unique scarcity.

What price should I choose for my NFTs?

Choosing a price for your NFT can be challenging. At Pianity, we have decided to give you the full freedom to choose the price for your NFT. Our only advice: it is better to sell out and keep the fans on their toes until the next release.

Obviously, the price choice may depend on the scarcity, the value of the perks associated with the NFT, and the level of engagement of your community. Following this logic, a Unique scarcity should cost more than a Legendary, a Legendary more than an Epic, and an Epic more than a Rare scarcity. If you really have no idea what price to set, you can also choose to make an auction.

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How does the auction work?

The auction is only available for the Unique scarcity and will be available for 24 hours. At the end of the auction, the last bid will set the final price of your NFT. You’ll have to set a starting price for your auction and since the auction will only run once, we recommend setting a fairly low starting price.

Bounty (Public)

This release type allows you to distribute a Public Bounty. They're Free-to-claim NFTs that you can offer your fans. They'll be available to claim directly on a first come, first served basis. As it is public, anyone visiting the song page or the marketplace will be able to claim a single random edition of this scarcity, for free, until they have all been distributed.

What are the benefits of distributing Bounties?

It's a great way to reward your fans with something provably scarce. This can also help you to start building your community or generate their interest in the Web 3.0 space.

How many Bounties can I release?

You have to choose the scarcity of your Bounty among Unique (1x) Legendary (10x) or Epic (100x) depending on how many people you wish to reward and how scarce you the NFTs to be. If you're goal is to build a community rapidly, we recommend you to avoid the Unique scarcity as only one person will be able to claim it.

Bounty (Private)

This release type allows you to distribute a Private Bounty. They're Free-to-claim NFTs but unlike a Public Bounty (that is available to anyone visiting the song page upon its release), a Private Bounty can only be claimed by clicking on a secret link or by scanning the associated QR code that will only be sent to you by email.

This allows you to have more control over the distribution of your Bounty by selecting who will be able to claim the NFTs, which makes it a great marketing or promotion tool to increase your online presence or boost your physical sales!

What's the best way to distribute a Private Bounty?

Below are a few ideas to make the best of your Private Bounty:

Organize a digital contest through website such as or and include the secret link as a reward for the fans completing the steps of your contest. (e.g. The contest could be centered around your socials, where participants have to follow your Instagram and comment your last picture to claim the reward..)
Print the QR code and include it within the packaging of your physical merch (e.g. within the sleeve of your upcoming vinyle..)
Distribute the QR code at your next live event.

The only limit is your creativity!

When setting up the release type, you’ll have to write a small description to let people know how they can access the secret link. This text will be visible by all on the Pianity song page.

Make sure to include every relevant information!

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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