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How do I price my music assets in the Market?

Understanding the Basics of NFT Pricing

Setting the price for NFTs might seem complex, but it really comes down to three main things:
Perceived value: how much your fans believe your music NFT is worth, which can be influenced by your reputation, the quality of your work, and any additional benefits owning the NFT provides (like exclusive access to concerts or merchandise)
Scarcity level: refers to the limited availability of your NFTs, which can significantly drive up demand and, consequently, price
Demand: understanding and anticipating the demand among your fanbase is crucial; higher demand can justify higher prices

Setting the Price: Where to Start

Pianity sets a minimum price of 10€ for any fixed-price NFT. However, you have the flexibility to choose between fixed prices, bounties, or auctions for your music NFTs. Each method has its advantages and can be used to match your specific goals:
Fixed Prices: ideal for artists who want to maintain control over their pricing. When setting a fixed price, consider starting at a point that reflects the uniqueness and scarcity of your music NFT while also being accessible enough to encourage your fans to make the leap from streaming to owning.
Bounties: a free-to-claim NFT, which gives everyone an opportunity to step into the NFT world at no costs. This can create engagement and competition, and help you gather your fanbase on Pianity.
Auctions: Auctions can be an excellent way to gauge market demand and let the value of your NFT be determined by your fans. This method can sometimes result in higher prices than fixed pricing, especially if you've successfully created a buzz around your release, but it can also result in no sell if no one bade within the 24 hours of the auction

Creating Rarity: The Key to Value

The essence of pricing your music NFTs on Pianity should revolve around creating rarity. Here are strategies to ensure your NFTs are seen as rare and valuable assets:
Limited Editions: Release your tracks as limited editions. The fewer copies available, the more valuable each one becomes.
Exclusive Content: Offer exclusive tracks, versions, or perks that are only available through your NFTs. This could include early access to new songs, exclusive remixes, behind-the-scenes content, concert tickets…
Tiered Releases: Consider releasing your music in tiers, offering different levels of scarcity and benefits. This can cater to different segments of your fanbase, from casual listeners to super fans.
Engage with Your Community: Use your favorite platform or social network to explain the value of your NFTs and how they differ from streaming. Engaging with your community can help build demand and justify higher prices for your rare assets.

Adjusting Prices Over Time

Market conditions change, so does your fanbase and so should your pricing strategy. Be prepared to adjust your prices based on how your NFTs are performing in the market. If demand is high and your initial editions sell out quickly, consider releasing new NFTs at a higher price point. Conversely, if sales are slow, reassess your pricing strategy or add additional value to your NFTs to stimulate interest.


Pricing your music NFTs on Pianity is an art that balances between creating scarcity, understanding your fanbase, and adapting to market dynamics. By focusing on rarity, you give your fans a compelling reason to invest in your music beyond the ephemeral experience of streaming. This not only opens up a new revenue stream for you as an artist but also deepens your connection with your audience, creating a community of collectors and supporters who value your work in a whole new dimension.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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